invite / sit tight

I had a bit of free time in office (oh don’t I always hahaha) and decided to do the seating arrangements for our dinner reception just for the fun of it. I was happily adding names and sorting out tables when I realised – oh horror – that I’ve already exceeded the 10 tables assigned under my name (We roughly calculated the number of our dinner guests once and rounded it off to 200 pax. We split it into half, meaning: I have 10 tables of 10 pax to fill (100 pax) whereas my mat has another 10 tables of 10 pax (100 pax) for his friends.

And today I’ve discovered that I might need at least 12 tables (120 pax), ideally 13 tables (130 pax)! Itu pun after cutting down people. Urgh – what kind of merepek gila shit is thiz! Aku nak bukak carnival ke ape ni!

I am secretly (secret habis) hoping that my mat will have lesser friends to invite and can give up two or three tables to me hwa hwa hwa. But if he can’t give me any tables then I’ll probably have to consult this Decide Whom to Invite chart…

(Source: Wedding By Color)

Wah. I kind of wish I can also use this chart for my lunch reception, man. I think if our parents used this chart, they can probably cut down their guestlist from 1000/1200 pax to, I don’t know, 100 pax or something! Dah tak yah susah susah pikir pasal venue besar enough ke tak, pasal makanan cukup ke tak, pasal kerusi meja terlebih terkurang ke tak. Betul tak!

(Alternatively, we can consider increasing the number of tables, provided we get a venue that is big enough to hold more tables ho ho ho ho ho)