we fight as hard as we love

My earlier post on our argument about merisik and pertunangan reminds me of another argument we once had.

On marble cake.

Yes, marble bloody cake.

You see, this bloody bugger had insisted that the cake he was eating at our friend’s wedding was NOT marble cake because it was “blotchy” and did not have a “swirly” pattern. I insisted that the pattern didn’t matter, marble cake was marble cake was marble cake!

That night I Googled for confirmation and hey guess what – I WAS RIGHT.


Once in awhile, I’ll remember some of our arguments and chuckle to myself.

We argue and fight about almost everything and anything under the sun on almost every other day and during each argument, both of us will INSIST that each one is right over the other until proof is presented to show otherwise. I lose some, he loses some, but our occasional losses never deter us from standing our ground in the next argument that comes.

This relationship has been such an adventure because he challenges me all the time and I thank God everyday for giving me a soulmate who I can fight hard and love hard for the rest of my life.

If there is one movie quote that captures the very essence of our relationship, it has to be this one from The Notebook:

“They didn’t agree on much.

In fact they rarely agreed on anything.

They fought all the time and they challenged each other everyday…

but in spite of their differences, they had one important thing in common:

they were crazy about each other.”

Thank you for the adventure so far, baby. Tonight, we reach another milestone.