mega wedding roadshow @ imm atrium

Wahhhhh lucky lah you all yang live in the West side of Singapore, dapat browsing browsing all the wedding deals at the Mega Wedding Roadshow @ IMM Atrium this whole week!

Click to Enlarge. (enlarge image lah, takkan enlarge tetek kan) Source: Mega Xpress

Ok lah tu, earlier this year dah ada pameran pengantin at Singapore Expo so now West side punya turn pulak lah. Fair and square. Yang penting, East side ke, West side ke, if you’re a future pengantin, you really should rajinkan diri to go to pameran pengantin! Drag your mats by their telingas if you must! Because pameran pengantin usually got many good deals ok!

Heard rumours of another wedding exhibition in early May but don’t know whether it is confirmed or how extensive it is yet. If have, nanti I activate you all ok heh heh 😎

In the meantime, while waiting for the next wedding exhibition, you all can explain to me tak, how come this Mega Wedding Roadshow is from 24 February 2012 to 7 March 2012 tapi their lucky draw is on 15 January 2011??? Pergi pameran pengantin pun boleh time travel eh?!

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